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Unless you are a Mormon or a member of the LDS church than you may not know exactly what a CTR ring is. A CTR ring is worn by members of the LDS church as a way of acknowledging their Mormon faith as well as helping to set them apart from other Christians. It is not an uncommon practice for members of different religious sects that also belong to different faiths to use clothing or jewellery as a means as signifying that they stand for different morals and beliefs than others. Whilst it is true that Mormons are considered to be Christians they belong to a totally different sect of Christianity, the CTR ring is just one way in which Mormons can help distinguish this.

Meaning of CTR

The letters CTR stand for choose the right, in essence referring to the importance of choosing the path of Mormonism and the LDS church and promising to abide by the scriptures, beliefs and teachings of the prophets of the Mormon faith. It was the idea of the committee of the LDS church to introduce CTR rings and CTR shields as a means of encouragement for its members to follow the way of Mormonism as well as encourage non Mormons to join the church.

Buying CTR Rings

CTR rings come in a wide variety of different styles suitable for everyone, CTR rings can be worn by Men women and children of all ages. If you were to take a trip to Utah you would be able to find stores that sell a wide choice of CTR rings, not surprisingly since Utah is the home to a large number of Mormons. If you are looking to buy CTR rings from elsewhere then your best source would be from searching and purchasing online. You will be able to find CTR rings in gold and silver and CTR ring stores even offer a personalised engraving service.

The CTR ring whilst not as extravagant as some rings is a great way to display your allegiance of faith to Mormonism and also makes a great gift for a Mormon friend or family member.

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