CTR Rings that Look Great

The Mormons wear CTR rings for different purposes- some wear these to distinguish themselves from other sects (Protestants, Presbyterians and Catholics) while there are also those who would like to wear these rings as accessories. Then, there are Mormons who wear it to show to the world that they take great pride in who they are and in their faith. That is why the letters C T R stand for Choose The Right because the Mormons believe that Mormonism is the way of life that everyone should have and follow.

Initially, the Committee of The Latter-Day Saint’ Church came up with the concept of using CTR rings to promote Mormonism amongst the youth. This concept was introduced in 1960. As the idea caught on different companies, stores and designers came up with variation of the CTR ring and while some wore these to show that they were Mormons, others began exchanging these rings at engagements, giving these as gifts to one another at special occasions such as Christmas or Easter and then, teenagers and young men and women bought them as accessories,

There are different kinds of Mormon rings worth wearing but which one you go for is dependent upon you. Do consider your budget before going for a ring as well. If you want a simple ring which shows that you are a Mormon and are proud of your faith, a classic ring would be worth wearing- these are timelessly elegant and can be worn at anytime, anywhere and with anything. On top of that these are the cheapest of the lot though it depends upon whether you are getting silver (which are cheaper than gold ones) or gold rings.

Then, you have the silicone CTR rings which are worth wearing for kids and teenagers. These are far cheaper than the rest of the rings and even if you lose these you need not worry because you can buy another one. These come in different colors.

After these, you’ve got designer rings which are worth wearing if you are going somewhere special or to a special gathering like a wedding or a party. These rings are stylish while they also serve their real purpose(s) of distinguishing Mormons from other sects and showing people that the Mormons take great pride in their faith. These rings are only worth wearing with certain types of clothes and to certain occasions. Though you can wear them on any other day, too, but because these rings are expensive and attractive and so they may even get stolen. You can get these in gold and silver too.

Some rings are made especially for men- these are still quite stylish and can be exchanged at weddings, engagements or given as presents and this also applies to the rings that women wear. At the end of the day the Mormon rings worth wearing are those that have some sentimental value and are affordable- it’s highly unlikely you’d want to remember an extremely expensive ring in a good way!